Meat processing machinery

We supply food industry equipment and spare parts. We work with well-known meat processing equipment partners. We also supply accessories for food industry equipment. Contact us - we will be happy to answer your questions!

small capacity hydraulic sausage stuffers, minced meat mixers, meat grinders, cutters, boilers

Combined scalding and dehairing machines

professional desktop vacuuming devices, vacuum containers and other additional equipment for hunters.

cutters, injectors, massagers, equipment spare parts

universal cutters, skin removers

dry aging cabinets.


slaughterhouse equipment, bone saws, dividing saws, equipment spare parts.

pig, bird stunning equipment, gas burners

universal box washing machines.

meat separation and curing equipment, spare parts.

vacuum massagers, injectors

desktop, stationary vacuuming devices, meat grinders, stuffers, cutters.

professional autoclaves for preserving meat.

ice generators, leather, film removal equipment, cutters

table and stationary bone saws

meat slicers, manual meat stuffers, corrugated vacuum bags, berry juicers

table meat grinders and other gastronomic equipment.